The Basics of Link Remediation, Link Removals & Disavows

The Basics of Link Remediation, Link Removals & Disavows

Did you know that link remediation, link removals, and disavows should be a regular process? Learn how to take advantage of this critical SEO task.

Link Disavow Wizard

How to use the RankTank Link Disavow Wizard to clean up your backlinks and build a link disavow file for Google. Learn more and download it free at

Link Removals Requests, Disavows, And Guest Posts

I get a lot of link removal requests and, strangely enough, many threats about reporting me via the disavow tool. I’m going to talk about these things and tie it into what Matt Cutts said about guest posting.

Why & How to Use the Google Disavow Link Tool

We provide a step by step explanation of what the Google Disavow Tool is and why you likely want to use it. Its all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and making sure that Google knows you only want high quality links to your website and not PBN link garbage.

Even if you don’t use the Disavow Tool, this video provides the fundamental basics of SEO for beginners. It is an SEO tutorial for advanced web pro’s but simple enough to both understand and use as an introduction to SEO for beginners.

Intro 0:00
What is the Google Disavow Tool? 0:37
Why Should You Remove Bad Links? 0:50
What is a PBN? 1:34
What is Google Page Rank? 2:20
Bad Link Removal Service 2:36
What is a Negative SEO Attack? 3:11
What is a Link Audit? 4:12
How to Make a Disavow List? 5:00
How to Determine If a Link is Bad 5:20
How to Disavow a Whole Domain 7:30
How to Make a Disavow File 8:32
Disavow File Parameters 9:14
Disavow Tools follows SEO Best Practices 9:35
Disavow Tool Risks 9:45
How to Use the Google Disavow Tool? 10:35
Summary 12:00
Outro 12:43

What Links to Target with Google’s Disavow Tool – Whiteboard Friday

Do you need to disavow links in the modern age of Google? Is it safe? If so, which links should you disavow? In this Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard answers all these questions and more.

What Links to Target with Google’s Disavow Tool – Whiteboard Friday ►

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